Vision, Aims & Values


Our Vision


For every child to have the skills, ambition, confidence and values to shape their own future.





  • To inspire and motivate children through setting challenging goals which address individual learning styles and needs.

  • To develop enquiring minds with an infinite love of learning so that children can aim high and reach their full potential.

  • Learning is at the heart of everything we do.

  • To provide a supportive, safe, stimulating and purposeful learning environment that celebrates achievement whilst promoting independence and risk taking.

  • To use resources effectively to support children's learning to produce the best outcomes.

  • To promote a creative, enriched skills based curriculum, which provides meaningful experiences and extends beyond the classroom meeting the individual interests of the children.

  • To encourage children to be positive role models who can work together and show respect for themselves and the school community.

  • Celebrate and respect the similarities and differences of individuals and groups within our local and wider community.

  • To engage with and value all stakeholders in our school and wider community in order to create positive partnerships, maximise learning opportunities and experiences for all our children.

  • To follow the golden rules to help us become responsible, respectful citizens who are motivated and enthusiastic learners.





  • Considerate

  • Friendship

  • Happiness

  • Honesty

  • Respectful

  • Responsible

  • Resilient

  • Trust

  • Positive attitudes

  • Teamwork