Pupil Uniform


Pupil Uniform Expectations

  • Full uniform is to be worn at all times, unless it is a non-uniform day. Full uniform also includes having a P.E and/ or swimming kit when needed.
  • Any child who does not come to school in full uniform will be given spare uniform to change into, this includes black pumps.  A text will be sent to parents/ carers each day.
  • If your child is not in full uniform, including hairstyles and footwear (unless you have been advised otherwise) they will have their break and lunch time in our indoor break club.
  • If your child is not in full uniform, including hairstyles and footwear (unless you have been advised otherwise), on the day of a school trip, out of school club or a further extra-curricular activity, this will need to be rectified before they attend the trip, club or activity.  

Pupil Uniform List

  • Red jumper or cardigan, either plain or with the embroidered school logo.
  • White or red polo t-shirt or buttoned shirt/blouse.
  • Black or grey trousers or shorts (no leggings, joggers or denim).
  • Black or grey skirt or pinafore dress (no shorter than knee length).
  • Red and white checked summer dress (no shorter than knee length).
  • Plain red, grey or black tights.
  • Black shoes, black ankle boots, black pumps or all black trainers. No trainers with visible logos, or any visible colour other than black. No boots above the ankle. No heels or wedges. No open toe shoes/ sandals.

Pupil PE Kit List

  • Sports shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no football or club logos).
  • T-shirt (no football or club logos).
  • Pumps (indoor PE).
  • Trainers (outdoor PE).
  • Swimming trunks (not swimming shorts) or a one-piece swimming costume.
  • For Health & Safety reasons, earrings cannot be worn for P.E under any circumstances. We are not able to put tape over earrings or remove your child’s earrings for them. Therefore, your child will either have to come to school without earrings in on P.E days, or your child will need to be able to remove their earrings by themselves.

Additional Pupil Uniform Information

  • No jewellery is to be worn except for a wrist watch (no smart watches) and small stud earrings.
  • No extreme hair styles, including colours or cuts and shaved in patterns.
  • No makeup, false nails or transfer tattoos.
  • School uniform, including book bags, can be purchased from Quicksteps located in Asda, Carcroft. Alternatively, you can order from staff at the main office at either site.